Earlier this year, Nicollette released her dance single, ‘Lost & Found’. Promoting that single she performed at KTOWN Night Market in Los Angeles, Balenciaga’s Private Holiday Party, and festivals. “During my promotional tour, I thought about creating a remix album for the single. I started reaching out to DJs from all over the world, and currently, I am collaborating with some amazing producers & DJs on an upcoming Remix EP. I’m really excited because every DJ has their own unique production style, so it showcases their individuality.”, according to Nicollette. “I am also releasing my second single before the Summer. It’s another song that I worked on with The HitList and I’m very excited about finally putting it out!”, she adds. To promote her upcoming single she will be performing at a number of festivals and events – keep an eye out for her!

“My music has always been inspired by my own life experiences. Writing music allows me to express my feelings about relationships and personal struggles. Writing is a form of therapy for me.” – Nicollette

What has been your favorite show or performance?

This is a hard question because I always have an amazing time when I’m performing, but I’d have to say that my favorite show was opening up for Charlie Puth at the Bitter End in NYC. The energy was amazing and the venue is very intimate, so I was able to really connect with all of the fans.

Who are some people that have been in the music industry that you have learned from?

Over the years I’ve had the ability to work with so many talented producers, writers, vocal coaches, and incredible people who work with me behind the scenes. Every one is so different, but all have something amazing to offer. I have learned, and taken a little bit from each of them. One person that I’ve worked with for a long time and always looked up to is my vocal coach William Riley. He taught me daily exercises to take care of my voice and has always given me great advice!

What is your favorite makeup looks?

Right now, I’m sooo into highlighters and that dewy look. For my eyes, I love wearing a lot of mascara with false eyelashes and no eyeliner. My favorite eye shadow colors are bronze, gold, peach, and mauve. My go to lip color is a nude/pink matte.

Do you have a favorite garment in your wardrobe that makes you feel extra creative or just gets you ready for the day?

I love to feel comfortable but sexy at the same time. So either jeans paired with a bodysuit or a girly fun dress, paired with heels, sunnies, and I’m ready to go!