PALMA WRIGHT also known as HATEBOY is an LA ‘it girl’ that is undeniably known for her colorful eye-catching Photography, Styling, Hair & Makeup. Kinda makes you wonder, what doesn’t she do? Herself and designer Elliott Beach created their very own, ultra popular fashion line Mamadoux.

During this year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival Palma shot model Krystall Schott wearing Mamadoux.  Her dreamy Coachella shoot shows off  some of the many handmade pieces by designer Elliott Beach. Check out their entire collection at

“My makeup inspiration was just something clean and pretty but a little bit of fun for coachella and summer! Im getting over glitter but shiny is fun so the chunky gold squares that i used in the crease of her eyes were a fun little thing to just make the look more funky and interesting.”, says Palma.


Tell us a little bit about your model, Krystall Schott.

“Krystall is great, I’ve worked with her a lot before and she’s so tall and beautiful. I love her lips.”


Where did you shoot these images?

“It was super hot on the shoot we broke into a illegal park that was closed off to shoot. I think that is funny lol we are rebels, not all girls would be chill with it.”