Hairstylist Scott King sat down with Astonish to give us some of his best and worst hair tips. He has styled the tresses of many well known stars in Hollywood such as Brie Larson, Becky G, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner, to name a few. Scott King is represented by TheOnly.Agency


 “Ever since I can remember I have been playing with and styling hair. There are photos and videos of me at age two playing with family members hair. I don’t really know any different. I just love hair and making people feel confident and pretty.” – Scott King


How did you get your start in the industry?
My mom did research on hair schools and found an amazing school in Arlington, VA. Graham called Webb Academy. From there I worked in a salon assisting where I eventually had my own chair and full clientele.

What inspires you?
Fashion magazines inspire me, clothing inspires me. Fellow hairstylists most of all because you can learn something new in this industry every single day which is what is so great about it.

 Which iconic hairstyles do you love?
Anything Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake lively. Just the very undone slept in look. Marilyn monroe’s classic style. James dean. I also love Victoria’s Secret hair.

What is your favorite kind of hair to work with?
I like longer hair with some wave, density and texture to it

What is your favorite hair look?
My favorite hair is the slept in Beachy look. I’ve also really been getting into the more polished look with a clean parting and tucked behind the ear.


Who are some of your favorite clients you’ve worked with?
I love my clients who aren’t afraid to be adventurous with their color. Scout Compton has been a blonde, red head, and brunette in my chair. Becky G and Bailee Madison both have great hair and love trying out fun styles. Lilly Ghalichi is great because she loves working with clip in extensions so styling her hair is always a fun transformation.

What are your favorite hair products?
I can’t live without Oribe dry texture. It works similar to a dry shampoo and works with almost any style.

 Which styling tools do you use most often?
I definitely use my Harry Josh blow dryer and flat iron the most. I also always use a curling wand.

What are some good tips for young people trying to break into the industry?
Always always always continue education since trends are always changing. Also, just work really hard because hard work gets you very far.

What has been one of your favorite gigs to work on?
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Pacsun campaign was pretty amazing. The location was amazing and the girls were really sweet. Also anything with Becky G is fun whether it’s a performance, photo shoot or music video.


Hair is like an accessory and definitely expresses personal style and current mood. Whether it’s a different style or color. – Scott King 

How do you think that hair relates to a person’s confidence?
Hair definitely is a confidence booster and can change someones entire energy if they are really into how their hair looks. That’s why I love hair it really does make people feel confident and gorgeous.


Are there any types of products you would advise people to stay away from?
Anything with alcohol since you don’t want to dry out the hair.


What is the best way to tame wild curls?
I love a good curl cream to enhance the curl and minimize frizz.

What can girls to do to get the perfect summer look?
The perfect summer look to me is a more natural look to me and very minimal. Beachy waves. A classic pony tail with some texture. Natural curl. Braids are always fun summer styles.


What are some hair styling “don’ts”?
Always be aware of the temperature of your hair tools. You don’t want to damage or singe off your hair. I am really over the man bun unless all of your hair is long. Otherwise just having all that hair on top of your head seems so pointless to me if you’re going to throw it in a bun.