In todays scene where there are plenty of fashionistas and society girls, model and Valley City designer Dani Thorne stands out. Her stylist Dalit Gwenna kept the fashion old hollywood style but with a modern young edge. “I love working with Dani because she has such a strong eye for fashion, it feels very collaborative” , says Dalit.

What do people know you from? That’s a hard question. Since I do a little of everything, everyone knows me from something different and then later finds out all the other stuff I’m working on. I hear everything from my teenage days as a YouTuber, to my TV show appearances like Hannah Montana, to “I follow your blog”, and even from my shoots with Brandy Melville & Nasty Gal! I love when I get to meet my followers/friends in person!

Excited about upcoming events? My boyfriend/P.I.C and I own a clothing line together ( and just released a brand new collection. We also have a sunglasses and jewelry collection collab dropping soon. So I’m super stoked about that!!
Any interesting moments on set with TK Anderson?  TK is such a fun person to work with. I really enjoy that we can go from laughing one minute to talking about serious topics like Monsanto the next, while still creating a bomb ass shoot. She’s so real, which it makes it even easier to open up to her camera and try new stuff like posing and different attitudes. It’s a breath of fresh air from the corporate world, which sometimes lacks creativity.

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Photographer: TK Anderson

Videographer: Devin Joplin

Creative Direction: Dalit Gwenna

Styling: Dalit Gwenna

Styling Assistant: Rebecca Rae

Makeup & Hair: Melissa Aba